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Return to service

We didn’t set out to create a travelling and morphing art project, but that is essentially what eventuated.  We remain in the midst of it.  After being given next to no notice and subsequently deciding that Murray would take a job in Braidwood, a country town halfway between Canberra and the coast, we had to shut down our operations while we looked for a new space in a new town.  Finding something that was cool (let’s face it, the most important thing) and had the infrastructure we required took a while, but we finally found a spot in the back of what was a mid-century furniture shop for forty years and a mechanic for a long time before that.  With both of us working, we managed to get our act together to run a terrific little shop for a couple of months before the cold really hit.  Because we print for two quite different interests – music and politics under the Murray & Smyth Supply Co. banner and botanical designs under the Tanglewood name – we decided that really we needed a new single identity for our production.  And so Carousel Printmakers was born.

Now that things are thawing out, the building, which includes Deadwood, Blue Kingdom and Gallery 103, can now be opened up again to visitors.  Our re-opening coincides with the QPRC Arts Trail, where local workshops, galleries and other shops open up their spaces for the public.  Grab a map and off you go.

While the grittiness of the inner-city, with its access to music and political education, was really what inspired our design ideas for Murray & Smyth Supply Co,  Braidwood is full of artistically-minded people and they are wonderfully supportive. It’s also a very visually nourishing town, surrounded by open spaces and full of historic buildings.  We are pleased to be in the middle of the Braidwood chapter of our travelling and morphing art project and we’d love you to come and check us out!

Crocodile with boss reggae design on black t-shirt.

And whether or not you can make it to see us in person, you will notice that there are a couple of new things since we last offered web sales. My favourite being the boss reggae tee.  But we also have a few new designs in the works, which we’ll post on the site as soon as they are printed.

Finally, we are saying goodbye to one of our first designs – the rocksteady island sound tee – with a sale on a small run that was done on a high quality Australian-made tee, as well as the last few that were printed on what became our stock tee.  Get one cheap knowing that we are unlikely to print this design again.