Privacy Policy

Last updated: November 2021, reviewed April 2023

Our privacy principles

Our aim for collecting any information about you is to be able to communicate directly to you once you have indicated that is something you wish to occur, as well as simply facilitate transactions you initiate.  We definitely don’t want to flood you with ads and we definitely don’t want to provide your details to anyone who is likely to misuse it.  We’d prefer not to share your data with anyone else at all, but there are a couple of practical exceptions which are outlined below.  These services, such as MailChimp, have their own strict privacy restrictions outlined in their policies.

What personal information we collect


To subscribe to our newsletter, you provide your e-mail address and that e-mail address is retained by us on our secure hosted database, but also provided to MailChimp, who manage the newsletter service.  They have their own privacy policy, which you may read here:

You may wish to provide further details about yourself – your name and country – during the newsletter subscription process, and likewise, this information would be retained by us on our secure hosted database and by MailChimp.

Providing details when ordering

The platform we use – Woocommerce – allows you to register an account or checkout as a guest.  If you place an order as a guest, your details will not be retained on our secure hosted database.  We will, however, retain your information locally in order to manage any returns.  If you choose to register for an account, the information you store on that account will be retained on our secure hosted database.

The information you would provide for an order, whether or not you register, would be your name, e-mail address, postal address and phone number.  Your newsletter preference will also be retained if you register for an account.

Your details would be provided to any payment services we use as part of any transaction you initiate via an encrypted SSL certificate .  We have chosen well known and trustworthy payment services – they have their own privacy policies we suggest you read before choosing which to use.

We do not retain your payment details – you will need to provide them whenever you make a purchase.  You may choose to save your payment details with third parties e.g. Paypal at your own discretion.


Our e-commerce platform utilises cookies to keep track of your session using a unique ID.  No personal information is kept in these cookies.  See more information at:


Our site uses Google’s recaptcha service to prevent bots spamming us. Essentially, this service monitors visitor activity and decides whether it is a bot that is using the contact form rather the a human. Please read Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information on the implications of this for your personal data.


We use a plugin called Jetpack. This alternative to Google Analytics has been chosen so that while we gain some insight into your use of our website, it doesn’t go to Google. The data collected is anonymised so we don’t connect any insights with any individual user.

Location of our host

Our web-host is located in Singapore.

Access to your personal information and seeking a correction

You may request access to the information we have retained about you at any time.  You may also request a correction.  To do so, please use our contact form to contact:

Glen Smyth

ABN: 21 712 345 952

Postal address and e-mail provided on request

We may ask you to confirm your identity.