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*We are currently working with our beltmaker to bring back our range of leather goods after the Murray & Smyth hiatus.  While belts aren’t currently available, we aim to have them back in stock mid-2023.*

These smart-looking black leather belts with your choice of black matte or nickel matte hardware are individually crafted for us in Melbourne by Chris of Avenue Road Leather Works using quality materials, and fits our classic staples vision perfectly.  The belt was designed in response to many all-purpose belts on the market being too wide or too snug for trouser belt-loops and because we were annoyed at the use of non-leather materials by some big brands to pad out their belts.

Check out the full description below for additional details, including when to expect delivery and information to help you choose your size.

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Important note: once you select your size, these are finished by Avenue Road Leather Works to match your choice of size and sent from Melbourne (not the Murray & Smyth workshop).  It will take up to 7 days from the time of ordering to ship.  If you order other items from Murray & Smyth, expect multiple parcels.

This black leather belt comes in your choice of black matte or nickel matte hardware.  It was originally designed for wear with trousers or anything with smaller belt loops coming in at 30 mm wide. The great thing is, the sample M&S have been trialling has been doing the trick for jeans as well as trousers – it’s really turned out to be a smart and versatile belt, and would suit men or women.    We’re really proud of the work Chris has done to bring our design to reality.  Do yourself a favour and check out his work.

Choosing your belt size

Our belts have seven evenly placed holes, and sizing is based on the the measurement from the inside of the end of the buckle to the middle of the seven holes.  This allows you to go up and down with your eating and drinking habits!

The easiest way to be sure of the size is to measure a belt you like to wear from the inside of the end of the buckle to your preferred hole in centimetres, and the nearest size in the list will be the size you order.   For example, my measurement from buckle to favourite hole is 89 cm.  That means I’d order a size 31 belt.

Image explaining how to measure belt

Don’t have a favourite belt?  You can go off your trouser or jeans size, but you may be better off mimicking a belt by placing string through your belt loops and measuring the length that went around your waist.


  • Buckle: 44 mm
  • Belt width: 30 mm
  • Belt thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Loop width: 12 mm

About the garment

  • On the inside of the belt is a stamped Murray & Smyth logo.
  • Getting into leather goods was not an easy decision.  It’s an ethical dilemma.  We do wear leather ourselves – Doc Martens, belts, football boots etc, and what we noticed is that some imitation leather, and many leather goods, do not last. Some normally reputable brands will use cardboard to thicken out a belt and the result is a product that just doesn’t stand-up.  As a result of this reflection,  we’re offering leather that should last if looked after.
  • We source the leather lengths used in these belts from Leffler Leather in Melbourne.  They source their leather from a tannery in Italy run by Lloyds SPA.  For more details about the leather, visit: https://www.nutiivogroup.com/en/tanneries/#LLOYD
  • The hardware we use is sourced from The Buckle Guy, a USA company with a manufacturing facility in China.
  • The matte black hardware on the item is manufactured using a process known as PVD, which results in a superior scratch-resistant when compared to anything else on the market (Read more about PVD here).

Additional information

Weight 0.140 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 4.5 cm

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  1. Nathan Pharaoh (verified owner)

    I just purchased one of the Murray and Smyth Dress Belts in black leather with a Black Buckle. I actually feel privileged to be owning such a well crafted belt. It’s a bit humbling really, the leather is super thick, and using the sizing guide I was able to measure my old belt and get a perfect fit. It’s so nice to know where the belt was made, and support longevity in product choices as the best way to stop cramming rubbish into our Landfills. Super Luxurious!

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