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This page features the products we have in development or are in the process of sourcing from other makers. To find out when they become available, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on the socials.

Button-down shirts

Expected release: 2022

It’s long been an ambition of mine to have a shirt range. If you haven’t identified with one of the subcultures that wears a button-down shirt, often patterned, you wouldn’t necessarily know that blokes spend quite a bit of time discussing the details of this part of their attire. Debates about brands, collar-size, fit and rarity of patterns are commonplace – I myself have spent more time discussing a good shirt than I could have imagined.

We’ve been working through the design, pattern-making and sampling stage for a long time now. Covid has undoubtedly put a hold on this, much to our disappointment, but we’re determined to get there! In keeping with our commitment to classic staples, expect a black and a white shirt, with patterned versions to follow (as pictured).

check fabric sample with blue, yellow, white and red
check sample with blue, brown, grey and yellow

Check out some of the early sketches we did below, alongside an early sample.

Jeans belt

Expected release: late 2021 / early 2022

Again, Covid has put a spanner in our production, this time slowing the availability of our jeans belt, which is a wider and thicker version of our dress belt. Once the leather becomes available, these will go into production as our sample is complete and looking terrific.

Mod dress

Expected release: First half of 2022

We’re in the beginning stages of sketching up our first dress for release in 2022. Following sketches, a pattern will be made before it goes to sample and then production. Early days!